-enjoy the time -


In the vicinity of our campsite there are many fun trips for seniors and families with children, free or paid. For young and old alike, many outings are fun, interesting, educational or fun. There are beautiful and special sights to be found in this beautiful region. Something for everyone.


In Luzy there are nice restaurants and shops. On Friday morning there is a cosy weekly market with local produce. There are also 2 large supermarkets: B1 and Lidl (opposite the campsite). The river Alène crosses Luzy. In summer there are often 1 or 2 big festivals in Luzy: the Rock'a'bylette Vintage Festival and the accordéonfestival (Fête de l'Accordéon).
- in Luzy -
- Weekly market on Friday morning
- Shops & restaurants
- Church
- Town Hall
- Cinéma Le Vox (cinema)
- Railway station


Bibracte was the name of a Gallic fortified town, identified with the current Mont Beuvray. Bibracte was founded on one of the peaks of the Haut-Morvan, was the capital of the mighty tribe of Haedui. The thriving community of thousands of inhabitants was in a safe place, hidden deep in the forest and high on a mountain. Later, the place was abandoned and the Romans traded it in for the more strategically located Autun. Beautifully shaped trees can be found in the forests. Definitely worth a visit! Approx. 30 minutes drive from the campsite.
- What can you do? -
- Museum visits
- Walking (free), there is a bus up.
- Mountain biking
- View Archaeology


Autun is 35 km away from Luzy. A beautiful city with art and history. Its Gallo-Roman origins and powerful Romanesque art give this gateway to the Morvan the face of a timeless city. Nice to walk around. There are also places outside the city, on the hills, worthwhile. From there you have a beautiful view of the Autun.
- Art and culture -
- Weekly market on Friday morning
- Museum
- City Gates
- Old city centre and city wall
- Amphitheatre
- Pyramid de Couhard
- The Croix de la Libération


Uchon is situated at an altitude of 681 meters. On top you have a beautiful view. There are huge boulders: Les Rochers du Carnaval. The rocks are the result of erosion, causing pieces of granite to be eroded. The rocks seem to have been thrown down at random at the top of Uchon. They have appealing names such as the mammoth and the dog's nose. Around Uchon there are a few marked walks that will lead you along even more striking rocks.
- Worthwhile -
- A Romanesque church
- The ruins of the castle
- Orthodox monastery center
- Hiking trails


Bourbon-Lancy is a nice historic town with a beautiful old town centre. A historic city where it seems as if time has stood still. From the parking lot in the center you can walk into the historic city. Here it seems as if time has stood still. Old houses hang over the streets as if they could fall over at any moment. The German influence is clearly visible in the half-timbered houses. On one side of the city you will find the old city walls from where you have a beautiful view of the surroundings.
- In Bourbon-Lancy -
- Beautiful murals (also by Jacques Brel)
- Thermal baths
- Outside the city a beautiful beach with water slides


Beaune is nice to visit. It is an old walled city in the hills. A kind of capital of Burgundy wines. The centre is dominated by the Hôtel-Dieu (hospices), beautiful half-timbered houses, very old wine cellars and nice shops. There is also a wine museum. And every Saturday morning, you can stroll through the market.
- In Beaune -
- Beautiful hiking trails outside the city
- Wine museum
- Hospice Hôtel-Dieu
- Half-timbered houses


Digoin is a junction of waterways. The Canal du Centre connects the Saône with the Loire. In Digoin, the Canal du Centre crosses the Loire. Boats are pushed up into the locks, after which they sail over the aqueduct from 1838. The aqueduct has 11 arches and a total length of 243 metres. Travel time from the campsite: approx. 45 minutes by car.
- Around and on the water -
- Nice to walk around
- Canal cruise: http://www.croisiere-digoin.fr
- ObservaLoire

Water fun in the Arroux

Just half an hour's drive from the campsite you'll find the Arroux River. When the water is high you can canoe there. But the river is also a great place to cool off, swim and have fun in the water.
- Relaxation -
- Picnic
- Canoeing
- Have fun in the water

Temple of the 1000 Buddhas

The Buddhist temple Dashang Kagyu Ling (Temple Bouddhiste de la Boulaye) about 5 kilometres from Saint Nizier sur Arroux and Auberge Fleurie, is considered the centre of Buddhism in France and can be visited. If you want you will get an explanation, but you can also just walk through the temple. Every evening at 19.00 there is a ceremony where you can be present. The colours, murals and Buddha statues are overwhelming. La Boulaye is about 30 minutes drive from the campsite.
- What else is there? -
- Walking on the grounds
- Information centre
- Shop

Mont Dardon

At half an hour's drive from our campsite you will find the beautiful mountain Mont Dardon (506 meters high). A suitable place for a nice picnic. But above all a place to read a book.
- Nature -
- Walk around
- Picnic
- Enjoying the views

Source of the Yonne

The Yonne is a tributary of the Seine. The river is 293 km long, it originates in the Morvan. The department of Yonne owes its name to this river. The Yonne is navigable from Auxerre to the mouth of the Seine. At the source of the Yonne you can walk very nice, and is located near the village of Glux-en-Glenne. There is something really nice made of it there. Definitely worth a visit! Approx. 30 minutes drive from our campsite.
- Nice to visit -
- Walk around
- Picknicken
- Informatie lezen
- De natuur in


On the western edge of the Morvan lies Château-Chinon, the town where Mitterrand was mayor before he became president of France in 1981. The Musée du Septennat exhibits state gifts received by Mitterrand. During his time as a mayor, Mitterrand made sure that the Morvan became a regional natural park. This appointment went hand in hand with the protection of nature, the preservation of cultural heritage and economic development. Thanks to Mitterrand, the rolling rustic landscape of the Morvan is preserved.
- Nice to visit -
- City walk
- Round trip (walking)
- Musée du Septennat, a collection of state gifts
- Costume museum - Musée du Costume. For fashion lovers definitely worth a visit.

Lac de Pannecière

Lac de Pannecière is the largest lake of the Morvan (52 ha) with a length of 7.5 km. The lake is one of the 4 cleanest lakes in France. In the reservoir is a dam of 340 meters long and 50 meters high. The location is beautiful between wooded hills. From the dam you have a beautiful view of the branches of the lake and the tops of the Morvan. The reservoir is used to generate electricity and to regulate the water level in the rivers Yonne and Seine, so that the quays in Paris are not flooded. Once every 10 years, they drain the lake. This emptying is necessary in order to be able to carry out maintenance on the dam. This was last done in 2011/2012.
- Relaxing -
- An hour's drive from the campsite
- Fishing
- Swimming
- Mountain biking
- Hiking
- Round trip around the reservoir

Cascade de la Dragne

In the small village of Villapourcon you will find Cascade de la Dragne. You walk along a dead end road for motorized traffic, towards meadows so you can arrive at a small waterfall via a sandy path and a piece through the forest. This waterfall is hidden between the rocks and provides clean, cool water. The waterfall ends in a small stream that ripples through the valley. You can walk along it and follow a route. A good map is advisable. Even some French people who live in the region don't know that the waterfall is there.
- Into nature -
- Hiking
- Fun for children

A nice campsite for children and they feel safe.



Lovely campsite with lots of possibilities for nice trips in the area.



The swimming pool next to the campsite was great.

Jonathan & Nienke

On this small campsite you have a wonderful holiday feeling!



Camping was still well occupied in the late season, a nice atmosphere.